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The island that will steal your heart.

Tenerife is much more than just sun. It’s blooming nature, spectacular scenery, beautiful white sand beaches, charming villages and an exquisite cuisine. A great world of possibilities for every taste. Let alone its great weather, with a wide spectrum of contrasts, which are part of the magic of enjoying a winter day by the beach whilst it snows up on the Teide, only 50 km away.
Apartamentos Parque del Sol can be the starting point of all the different sightseeing tours that we offer. Whereas you decide to rent a car or join an excursion, don’t miss any of the wonders this beautiful island has to offer.


The unforgettable destination

  • Teide National Park

    Is a must-do in Tenerife. It’s a masterpiece of nature. The landscapes of petrified lava and the majesty of the volcanic structures contrast with the colours of a unique local flora. The feeling of tininess faced to the immensity of the scenery will stick in your mind forever. Pure magic for the senses.

  • Anaga Rural Park

    From the mist above the summits, passing through the laurel forests with their permanent greenery, to the cliffs that fall into the coast of the town of Taganana or the hypnotizing sunsets at the wild beaches of Benijo — one of the most extraordinary landscapes in the region.

  • Masca

    Close to south Tenerife. After walking through ravines of dense tropical vegetation, Masca’s charm, with its houses among palm trees and its rock walls, will definitely catch your eye. After a couple of hours walking down the cliffs with amazing views, the beautiful wild black sand beach of Masca will welcome you to enjoy a refreshing bath. You can only come back from this paradise beach either walking or by sea.

  • Cliffs of Los Gigantes

    Its spectacular volcanic rock walls make this imposing sight a wonderful experience, especially if you access the cliffs from the sea. It’s also the perfect spot for whale watching and different water sports.

  • La Laguna

    The university city. A small city with a vivid atmosphere, a mix of pedestrian streets with colourful historical buildings and a great cultural offer. There are plenty of shops, restaurants and bars that make La Laguna a unique city. Don’t forget to take a light jacket with you.

  • Garachico

    One of the most beautiful towns in north Tenerife. It’s on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, with its rock pools, formed naturally by volcanic activity, and its cobblestone streets full with colour and history.

  • El Médano

    Located in the south of Tenerife, this coastal town has beaches considered one of the best on the island. Locals coexist with visitors, attracted by considering it a paradise for windsurfers and kitesurfers. The atmosphere in its streets, with a wide range of leisure and gastronomy make it an ideal visit to spend the day.

  • Siam Park

    One of the most famous waterparks in the world. With its decoration and dense vegetation inspired by Thailand, it guarantees you lots of adrenaline and fun.